Cape Town, South Africa; 6 June 2023 – PUMA’s new partnership with PLEASURES is set in motion with a silhouette that channels the visual codes of Y2K culture, the Velophasis. The collaboration endeavours to blend PLEASURES’ understanding of music subcultural codes with the very latest from PUMA’s retrofuturistic footwear offerings.

The Velophasis first arrived in January featuring an overstated shape that is wrapped with a mixture of technical and performance materials. Now the sneaker is redone with a characteristic customized feel, in the way of a full purple overdyeing process applied by PLEASURES. The colour treatment fastens to the shoe’s sole in a unique way, giving the shoe a pre-worn look.

“We are excited to work with PLEASURES, and to share and mix each of our perspectives and points of view. We love PLEASURES’ ability to bring in varied references and touchpoints. With this new collaboration, the Velophasis gets a completely fresh look and feel with this DIY-inspired overdyeing effect,” said Sarah Mayer, Head of Product Line Management, PUMA Sportstyle. 

The overdyeing envelops the shoe, from the laces to the sole, giving the collaboration a DIY feel. This new take on the Velophasis also features a translucent cage tinted in purple, which is stamped with the PLEASURES logo in black.

“This is the start of a beautiful relationship. PUMA has such cool history, we can’t wait to bring the PLEASURES aesthetic into a new world,” said Alex James, Co-Founder and Director of PLEASURES.

The PUMA x PLEASURES Overdyed Velophasis is available from 24 June 2023, from, Al Capone and Shelflife. Some days earlier, on June 21st, a pre-sale of the sneakers will happen at the PLEASURES showroom during Paris Fashion Week, more information to be confirmed in the upcoming days via @pumasportstyle and @pleasures. Price R3599.

This is just the beginning for PUMA x PLEASURES, more to come in 2023.