Cape Town, South Africa 18 August 2022. Nanamica Releases collaboration sneakers with sportswear brand PUMA.

This collaboration uses PUMA’s leading icon model, the PUMA Suede VTG as a base with Nanamica’s neutral, timeless design and signature technical concept of GORE-TEX fabric utilized lining the suede material and paired with classic flat laces for a fully monotone design. Combining a waterproof, comfortable, and breathable design with classic design that fits perfectly with your Autumn/Winter wardrobe.

“For our first collaboration with Nanamica we wanted to create something that would be instantly recognizable as a partnership between both brands,” said Ayesha Atlee, Head of Design Sportstyle Footwear for PUMA. “We decided to leverage the PUMA Suede because of its timeless design, mixing it with Nanamica’s neutral swatches and their signature use of GORE-TEX fabric was a must to accomplish our vision.”

Since its founding in 2003, Nanamica has continued to merge stylish design and functional materials to create contemporary but standard items that are essential for everyday living. Nanamica very quickly came to be recognized as the brand that mixes sports and fashion. 

The name Nanamica means “House of the Seven Seas,” which expresses our wish to create with people from all over the world without being confined by nationality or ideologies, and to share the things we create with the world.  We propose “contemporary standard wear” with a neutral design that defies categorization by genre, age, or gender, and strive to create quality pieces that will remain a part of your everyday life for a long time. 

The relaxing image of the sea is at the core of our brand, and our items are highly versatile and open to all kinds of styling. Currently the brand has stores in Tokyo, Kobe, Fukuoka, and New York, and is also carried by shops in 23 countries.

The Nanamica x PUMA collaboration item will go on sale on Saturday, August 27th, 2022, exclusive to Shelflife stores only, selling at R2999.