Herzogenaurach, Germany – November 9, 2021 – Sports company PUMA has today unveiled a special collaboration between Soccerbible and ACID FC with the launch of the Planet Utopia collection. The three parties have teamed up to release a three-piece capsule to celebrate the unique perceptions of Utopia in football. The collection aims to break football norms and warp the traditional layout of football products, featuring a football jersey like no other and a fresh new take on the iconic PUMA T-7 tracksuit, modelled by PUMA and Norwich City athlete Todd Cantwell.

Utopia is for everyone. It is for everything. It is unique to you while accessible and open to the masses. After two years that have reshaped minds, FC Planet Utopia is a project of pure escapism. Something that started in print and now lives in physical reality. 

Following the release of the Soccerbible Summer 21 magazine under the concept of ‘Utopia’, PUMA and Soccerbible teamed with ACID FC to create something tangible that brings together cultural influences from football, fashion, art, design and music to launch a collection based on creativity, free-thinking and accessibility. 

The goal of the collection is to be understandable yet inspiring in the way it conveys the message ‘you do you’. An expression of being unapologetically unique and different. Football is for all, and everyone has their own concept of Utopia. 

The collection combines the best of PUMA’s core football performance apparel married with innovative sport styles to create something new and progressive. Whilst football is a tribal game there is a universal understanding and appreciation when sport mixes with subcultures. Whether that’s music, art, fashion or design, when the locality of football is taken out of the equation everyone is invited to fall in love with a club. That is the continued philosophy behind FC Planet Utopia. It is a football club with no fixed abode. It is wherever you want it to be, it is wherever you imagine it to live, and it is wherever you want to take it. 

The Planet Utopia football jersey features a custom multicolored psychedelic graphic with a dark navy round collar. The eye-catching design displays the PUMA, Soccerbible and ACID FC logos on the front and arms of the jersey and places the FC Planet Utopia logo in the position of the club crest. The jersey also implements a bespoke Planet Utopia ‘21’ number on the front and back in honor of the club’s founding year. 

The iconic PUMA T-7 tracksuit exhibits colorful psychedelic Planet Utopia form-strip graphics working in perfect harmony with the black base color. The jacket and pants feature the PUMA and Soccerbible logos with the ACID FC logo in place of the club crest. Displayed on the back of the jacket is the Planet Utopia logo with the number ‘21’ positioned on the front of the jacket and pants.

Join the movement with the Planet Utopia Collection featuring the Planet Utopia football jersey and the Planet Utopia T-7 tracksuit, available from November 9th at PUMA.com (only available in Europe & UK) and ProDirectSoccer.com.