Herzogenaurach, Germany – 11 October 2021 — Global sports company PUMA extended their legacy of special edition race suits at the Formula One race weekend in Turkey, dressing the Red Bull Racing Honda drivers in white to pay homage to the team’s race-winning alliance with power unit supplier Honda.

Take a look behind the scenes at how the race suit was created

PUMA and Red Bull Racing Honda have a rich history of producing special edition race suits, starting with the “Lederhosen” (Austria 2016), the cowboy suits (Austin 2018) and the tuxedo celebrating James Bond (Silverstone 2019). So, the design language is always quite specific.

“When we started to design the race suit, we went a little old school. We decided to take some Honda heritage with their white uniforms and liveries back in the 50s, 60s and bring it into the current day,” explains Greg Auchterlonie (Head of Brand Design, Red Bull Racing Honda). “I took the inspiration from Max Verstappen visiting the Honda factory in 2019. Dressed in his Red Bull Racing Honda race suit, Max was walking next to Takuma Sato in his white race suit with the red of the Honda logo. So, I merged both designs into our 2021 race suit.”

PUMA has been customizing the race gear of Red Bull Racing Honda drivers since 2016 and when the design process is finished the production comes into play, with PUMA´s race gear factory in Turin (ITA) supplying race teams worldwide.

“The process of making a race suit starts with the design we get from the teams. First, we check the feasibility of the fabrics and patterns before we allocate all the logos, the different shapes and stripes, and then we forward all the information to the supplier who produces the suit,” explains Maurizio Sicco (Teamhead Motorsport Racewear, PUMA).

The special edition suits have identical technical specifications in terms of safety and performance to protect the drivers.