WHAT: Global sports brand PUMA went live on May 12th on their @PUMA IG channel to bring together two generations of Motorsport legends. The host of the IG LIVE was the one and only David Coulthard who was joined by the rising star of the Formula 1 Max Verstappen of PUMA sponsored Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Team. 

Both sportsmen had a candid and open talk about e.g. the lock-down during the coronavirus pandemic, the progress of Max, his training program and the future of F1 as well as some glorious talks about sim racing and their haircuts.


Coronavirus lockdown times:

MV: “I have done a lot of Sim Racing and I watched half of Netflix as well (laughing)”

MV: “It is nice that we are allowed to be outside of the house again to go for a run. It is always like what you cannot have you always like to do. If you have to stay inside, you want to go outside.”

Training at home: 

MV: “Overall it is just important to stay ready for as soon as we can go racing again. I was able to do  good cardio at home with my workout bike and other equipment plus I also had my neck harness to keep up my training.”

DC: “The neck is really crucial with these wide tyres and the downforces creating huge G-forces on you.”

MV: “I always have the goal when I am driving the car to the limit, I shall not be limited with the physicality of it.“

Sim racing:

MV: “I also have been driving a lot in my simulator as well. It might sound  quite different to the real world racing but at the end of the day you are still doing qualifying with pressure, you are doing starts, overtakes, looking after yourself on the first lap not to crash and doing pit stops.”

MV: “You just do not have the G-force feeling from sim racing. So you have to rely a lot on the sound of the tyres sliding.”

Max’s Father Jos Verstappen / Progress:

DC: “Your father came with a lot of reputation of speed. There was no question that his first test would bring him into Formula One.”

MV: “He [Max Dad] is always so driven to always get the best and to get the best out of me. He always wanted me to do better. […] I think this is also the only way how to go forward.”

MV: A lot of people especially in Formula One tell you how good everything is. But you always have to look on the critical sides too. There are these small details where you can improve to get better.”

Max’s Mother Sophie Kumpen:

MV: “The funny and nice thing was that I could talk to my Mum about racing as well. It would not sound as you would talk to somebody who has absolutely no clue what you were doing. […] My Mum definitely understands what is going on no matter if it is Go Karting or F1.” 

Future in F1 / First GP of the season: Austria (TBC)

DC: “You are such a young guy. You are still younger than myself when I started in F1 and there is much time ahead of you to have the wins you want to have and the championships.” 

Return of F1 in Austria at the Red Bull Ring (still unconfirmed)

DC: “Austria has been a good track to you in the past.”

MV: “Austria is not the hardest track, so it is mainly that you always want to have more capacity than just driving the car. You also need to be fit also in your head. Mentally you have to be ready to go again.”

MV: “The funny thing is if you look at the track basically up until last year it was never looking like it would ever be our favorite track for our car. But somehow we  had a few good results recently.” 

MV: “For sure I love driving there as it is our home GP. Probably adds a little bit more pressure but I like that. It gives you even more motivation to do well.”

MV: “Especially last year when I was trying to make my way through the field, they [the fans]

 always went crazy every lap I was passing by. It was nice and it definitely brought a smile to my face.”

MV: “This year if we are going there it will be a little bit different. But that does not mean that we do not give our very best and trying to get a good result again.”


MV: “It is really cool to have the opportunity to go LIVE on the PUMA Instagram. They make great stuff for us for racing and casual gear. I am really happy with that.”

Media Contact:Bastian Radloff, Global PR & Social Media Motorsport – bastian.radloff@puma.com