Global sports company PUMA is putting down the hammer with the sales premiere of Max Verstappen´s driver shoe known as the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Speedcat Pro GT. The race boot is a super limited and first ever shoppable edition featuring exactly the same technology, fabrics and colours the Dutchman uses when going flat out on the track.

Only working with the best, PUMA became the outfitter of the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Formula One team in 2016. The global sports company drives the innovation and technology of race gear for the Milton Keynes based team, supplying race boots, driver suits, balaclavas, underwear and more to support the team and ensure optimum safety whilst it competes at the highest level. The blend of super light fabrics and fireproof materials assists the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing team in their quest for the top step of the podium.

Commenting on the Speedcat Pro boot, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing driver Max Verstappen said:  

“I’ve been using PUMA boots for a long time and the Speedcat Pro represents a change for this year. For me, the most important thing is to have a good feeling on the pedal, so we need a very thin shoe with just enough support to walk on. The Speedcat Pro is exactly that.” He continued: “The Speedcat Pro is by far the best boot out there. I don’t think there is another shoe that I would even like to try at the moment as other models are too heavy and too stiff meaning you lose all feel on the pedal. So for me the Speedcat Pro is a very nice shoe to wear.”

Max Verstappen’s eye-catching orange kicks feature state of the art materials for racing. Designed with speed in mind, the upper and inner lining is made of lightweight fabrics that don’t compromise comfort and ensure protection against fire. Additional weight reduction comes in the form of heel support made of real carbon fiber counter. A low-profile rubber outsole and the EVA wedge provides absolute control of the pedals with the right amount of comfort while keeping the shoe light and nimble.

Safety remains the top priority. Consequently the Speedcat Pro was built in compliance with the latest FIA Homologation Regulations for Safety Equipment (FIA Standard 8856-2018) for the best protection in racing.

It’s time to accelerate as the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Speedcat Pro GT of Max Verstappen is only available in a super limited 33 pairs referring to the driver number of the youngest Formula One Grand Prix winner in the history of the sport. 

Red lights are about to switch off with Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Speedcat Pro GT of Max Verstappen, available on up from Thursday, 17th September, 5pm (CET).