Thurs 3 June, 2021 – Ahead of World Environment Day on Saturday June 5, 2021, G-Star RAW is showcasing its Denim for Earth platform, which creatively demonstrates how art, fashion, denim and sustainability go hand-in-hand.

Through a striking collection of photographic works created in collaboration with Netherlands-based creative agency The Visionary Lab and photographed by Dutch photographer Wendelien Daan, G-Star RAW is championing sustainability in the denim industry.

G-Star RAW and The Visionary Lab invited international fashion designers and artists Karim Adduchi, Charlotte Bakkenes, Yuki Isshiki, Yulia Ivanova, Bagua Jody, Majid Karrouch, Ferry Schiffelers and Tess van Zalinge to create upcycled denim couture, inspired by G-Star RAW circular denim innovations and traditional techniques such the ancient Japanese Sakiori method, where quilting breathes new life into discarded rags.

Red beetroot plant-waste was used to dye denim and denim waste and G-Star RAW 100% recyclable fabrics were used. Washing techniques that have zero spill and use no harmful chemicals were employed.

The resulting creations range from a decorative hat piece to a little bow dress. These earth-honouring creations were captured by Dutch Photographer Wendelien Daan and can be seen here: Denim for Earth.

Climate change needs to be urgently prioritised by the fashion industry as a whole and G-Star RAW is calling for a joint effort to reduce and limit pollution and waste. The purpose of Denim for Earth is to drive positive change in the fashion industry by directing attention to innovative and sustainable solutions in the denim world.Visit for more information.