Cape Town, South Africa, February 14, 2023 – Sports company PUMA has given its iconic cartoon mascot “Super PUMA” a digital makeover as part of a new PFP NFT, which celebrates the company’s 75th anniversary in a fun and innovative way. 

“Super PUMA” was a comic book, which the company originally released in the 1970s. Living as a unique digital piece of art which can use used as a profile picture on social media, the reinvigorated comic character will highlight PUMA’s historic moments in sports, while also creating an original storyline. 

As the virtual space is becoming increasingly important for young and tech-savvy audiences, PUMA has launched several Web3 projects, culminating in its New York Fashion Week show in September 2022, a highly anticipated return for the company that showcased its digital innovations.

“PUMA’s growing Web3 community played an important role in the launch of this new project,” said Adam Petrick, Chief Brand Officer at PUMA. “We listened to what our community wanted, and the Super PUMA PFP NFT is the result of that. It’s a great project to kick off our 75th anniversary as an expression of our brand mantra – Forever Faster – leaning on our history and heritage to push sport and culture forward through design and innovation.” 

The Super PUMA PFP NFT will be complementary to PUMA’s other ongoing NFT project, the Nitro Collection, which will continue to be PUMA’s vehicle to release new, innovative shoe styles.

Current Nitro Collection NFT holders will continue to get first access to PUMA’s next futuristic wave of footwear and receive a PFP NFT for every Nitro Collection NFT they have. Additionally, as part of PUMA’s partnership with 10KTF, the Super PUMA PFP NFT will be part of the 10KTF ecosystem. 10,000 Super PUMA PFP NFTs will be available in total. In late February, all Nitro Collection NFT holders will be airdropped a Super PUMA PFP, an additional 4,000 Super PUMA PFPs will be sold publicly for non-NITRO holders, while the remaining 2,000 will be saved for PUMA’s partnership with 10KTF.

Additionally, the Super PUMA NFT will be a 10KTF partner collection. PUMA will be the first traditional brand to have a PFP in the 10KTF ecosystem. This will allow holders to place their Super PUMA on 10KTF blanks and participate in 10KTF missions.

The Super PUMA PFP NFT announcement marks the one-year anniversary since PUMA became one of the first brands to register its ENS domain, Puma.eth in February 2022. Furthermore, it marks the first of several digital innovations that the brand plans to release this year, as it continues to use Web3 as a vehicle for its “FOREVER.FASTER.” mission. This will include new and innovative phygital product offerings and collaborations with credible brand partners through growing partnerships.