In a first for the country, South African jewellery design house Shimansky is set to sparkle in an exclusive exhibition curated by Vogue Italia for the prestigious  Salon Art + Design Fair in New York City (14 – 18 November 2019).

Shimansky, respected worldwide for designer diamond jewellery, has been selected to join a line-up of international fine jewellery design houses for an exhibition titled The Protagonist –  celebrating the best in mindful and sustainable fine jewellery.

For The Protagonist, CEO and Founder Yair Shimansky will present a breathtaking design featuring a rare blue brilliant round cut 27 carat tanzanite ring held in 18K South African white gold. The ring setting is home to a cascade of 2.3 carats of round brilliant cut diamonds designed to offset the tanzanite’s extraordinary deep colour.

A thousand times rarer than diamonds, tanzanite comes from a single finite vein in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. Formed over 550 million years ago, the gemstone can only be mined from the earth using a hammer and chisel to ensure a sustainable interaction with nature, which is why Shimansky has built a longstanding relationship to source tanzanite directly from the Maasai tribe.

Responsible and sustainable sourcing is at the heart of Shimansky’s jewellery creation where we follow the journey of both diamonds and tanzanite by employing our respected mine to finger approach – ensuring every creation is mined in a natural and ethical manner within a conflict-free environment,” said Shimansky. 

“As an ode to African heritage, this exceptional tanzanite piece represents all that Salon Art + Design embodies: impeccable quality, groundbreaking design, luxurious offerings and geographical diversity.”

Shimansky, with jewellery stores in Cape Town, Sandton and NYC, is also one of the sponsors for NYC Jewelry Week from 18 to 24 November 2019, which is dedicated to promoting and celebrating the world of jewellery much like New York Fashion Week does for attire.

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