Alchemy Elixzar, South Africa’s first complete range of seven CBD-infused skincare products has launched.

The Alchemy Elixzar range, consisting of a Skin Elixzar, Facial Cleanser, Moisturizer, Cleansing Bar, Skin Polish, Skin Balm and Facial Spritzer, is produced in Cape Town in small batches to ensure the highest quality.

The unisex range is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)-free and enriched with pure Cannabidiol (CBD) which is the non-psychoactive and non-intoxicating component of the Cannabis plant known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties.CBD is beneficial for conditions including acne, pigmentation, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea, as well as skin-sensitivity and cold sores. Rich in vitamins A, C and E, CBD oil also stimulates collagen and the cells responsible for keeping skin firm and healthy.

“After realising the incredible benefit of CBD for the skin, we have worked hard to develop a cost-effective, accessible and high-quality range of products that use only the best ingredients,” says Jena Goncalves, co-founder of Alchemy Elixzar. “Our cruelty-free range is made from 100% natural, sustainably-sourced ingredients and is vegan, alcohol-free, gluten-free, sulphate-free, soy-free and paraben-free.”

“We aim to help people with highly effective, non-toxic and safe products that encourage balance from your skin to your internal system, and that give results you can see and feel,” says co-founder of Alchemy Elixzar Emi Grobbelaar.

Emi is a somatologist and Jena an acupuncturist and an acudetox practitioner, and together the entrepreneurial duo have more than 14 years’ experience in the medical and skin care industries.

“We’ve both experienced our fair share of trial and error when it comes to finding skincare products that address adult acne, dehydrated or very oily skin. We developed this range to be safe and effective,” adds Goncalves. 

The Alchemy Elixzar range can be used on all skin types but due to the use of essential oils should only be used from the age of 6 and with caution in pregnant and breastfeeding moms.

The CBD oil in the Alchemy Elixzar range is imported from the United States and has been internationally laboratory-tested to ensure only the purest CBD is used. All other ingredients are sourced in South Africa.

“Your skin has a memory and years from now, it will show the results of how it was treated today. So be sure to only use products that treat it kindly,” concludes Grobbelaar.Alchemy Elixzar range and information is available online at Follow @alchemy_elixzar on Instagram and like them on