Global sports brand PUMA has added a member to the LQDCELL family, the brand new LQDCELL Method, made to intensify any workout with its stable cushioning technology.

PUMA’s LQDCELL Method was built to capture quick and explosive movements during high-intensity training and enhance them with LQDCELL stable cushioning technology. Great for lateral exercises, agility drills, and over-the-top effort, this training shoe ups your energy while keeping you grounded on your feet. 

“It is essential that I have the best tools for my training, as it is an integral part of my daily routine,” said Lewis Hamilton, Six-Time Formula One World Champion and PUMA’s global training ambassador. “With PUMA’s cushioning technology, I don’t need to focus on anything but getting the most out of my performance.”

PUMA’s LQD CELL technology is made out of soft yet sturdy hexagonal cells that compress and work together with proprietary foams to keep you steady while working out.  

The key benefits of LQDCELL Method are:

  • Lightweight: PROFOAM high-rebound EVA provides instant cushioning in a lightweight package.
  • Cushioning: An evolution of CELL technology, LQDCELL midsole offers stable cushioning.
  • Grip: Forefoot flex grooves and zoned rubber outsole for maximum traction during high-intensity workouts.

LQDCELL Method, retailing for R1499, will be available for both men and women starting 6 October 2020 on, PUMA Stores, and selected retailers worldwide.