Cape Town, South Africa; September 29, 2022 – We Are Legends is PUMA’s new storytelling and product developing platform celebrating Black excellence and cultural impact. The collection seeks to honor the Black creatives trailblazing influence on cultural progression around the globe and strives to empower and amplify the voices of our Black community—our legends. Championed and led by an internal collective of Black designers, the name, “We Are Legends”, reminds us to celebrate the now in Black culture and not just the rich history of past. 

The We Are Legends mission is to both increase representation within the design industry and drive real change within the very communities we are celebrating. The collective established a 3-pillar model to ensure this initiative is making a tangible impact over time through donation, awareness, and community. Through We Are Legends, PUMA aims to be the brand that fights for representation in the design industry and the world.

“The name, We Are Legends, comes from the idea of celebrating the now in Black culture. Often when we celebrate Black culture, we look to the past. However, our collective wanted to help change this narrative by empowering people to speak up in their most authentic voices now, to create their own legacy that will be legendary. We Are Legends shines the light on both the legacy of this design collective and the legends within their own communities.”

— Ariel Weeks, Chair of the PUMA B-Bold ERG and Footwear Merchandising Manager

“I am extremely proud to introduce the world to We Are Legends, a collective of black designers who are a prime example of when employees step up to drive and be the change that they want to see.  This first collection within the We Are Legends platform, The Yard, is a homage to the spirit of the beloved HBCU experience and a celebration of Black excellence.”  The goal of We Are Legends is to not only tell stories that are authentic and highlight the beautiful aspects of black culture, but through this platform PUMA will aim to lead the charge in activating the next generation of black creatives through building early awareness and providing accessibility to roles in this industry via strategic partnerships, mentorship, and education.”

— Michelle Marshall, Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (PUMA North America)

The debut collection within the We Are Legends platform, “The Yard”, is inspired by Homecoming – a tradition in many high schools and colleges in the United States where they welcome back former students and members. The collection features men’s and women’s apparel in a bright palette of maroon, purple, and orange. Designs use material mixing & multi-placed collegiate graphics that unify schools, yard culture, & heritage. PUMA classics like the Suede are revamped with modern accents, shapes, and a neo-archival head-to-toe style. Design details references styles worn by HBCU students in the past and currently, capturing the culture’s deep history and honoring their contributions to American style.

“The Yard”, the first collection under the We Are Legends platform will release globally on October 1, 2022. The collection will be available on and PUMA stores with a retail price range of R399 to R1599.