Sports company PUMA is once again paying homage to its founder with a second Rudolf Dassler Legacy collection in which the iconic PUMA formstrip is celebrated.  

For the latest drop, PUMA went back to 1958 when the formstrip was first introduced. Initially intended as a foot support feature, it gradually became one of the most recognised logos in the sportswear industry. 

The collection features premium materials, dynamic piping and vintage logos for a timeless look made to last. Yellow and blue pops of colour, inspired by the initial formstrip print campaign, run throughout and a metal trinket in the shape of a formstrip is included on all footwear and most apparel items.

Featuring the classics of yesterday that continue to remain the classics of today and tomorrow, the footwear includes the Rudolf Dassler Legacy Suede (R1 999), Mirage (R2 699) and Ralph Sampson Mid (R2 999). Apparel and accessories include simple yet premium pieces: a T7 Track Top (R2 299), T7 Track Pant and Cap (R399). Graphic Tees (R999) have vintage formstrip ads printed on them.

Now available on and at PUMA Select stores, Hipkicks, WE ARE EGG, Madaiza and selected retailers.