The Deviate NITRO Elite racer is engineered specifically for improved speed on race day. The Deviate NITRO Elite has two layers of PUMA’s supercritical peba-based elite version of NITRO, called NITRO ELITE and our new fully carbon fibre INNOPLATE technology, offering max responsiveness and propulsion for race day. 

PUMA’s elite version of our advanced foam technology, NITRO ELITE, is a supercritical peba-based foam infused with nitrogen gas through an innovative new process that makes it possible to combine three key benefits to the runner—responsiveness, cushioning, and extremely lightweight for a more effortless run. 

The Deviate NITRO Elite features an internal carbon fiber plate that acts as a lever to effortlessly propel the foot forward during the gait cycle, increasing running efficiency. The carbon fiber plate takes the Deviate NITRO Elite to the next level. PUMA’s INNOPLATE gives runners quicker toe-off for more forceful motion through their stride.

We analyzed the best fitting running shoes in the industry to develop an improved fit through new last shapes based on different usages. A thin, durable rubber compound, PUMAGRIP-LT, provides all-surface traction that won’t weigh you down. Additionally, the Deviate NITRO Elite women’s shoes are created with a specific last engineered for the female foot, providing a narrowed heel, lower in-step, and sculpted arch shape.

 Tech Specs:

  • Stack Heights: 28mm forefoot / 36mm heel (including sock liner)
  • HTD: 8mm (including sock liner)
  • Weight: 5.7 ounces (women’s), 6.7 ounces (men’s)
  • Key Technologies: Supercritical peba-based NITRO ELITE foam; carbon fiber INNOPLATE; PUMAGRIP-LT

The Deviate NITRO Elite will be available on and from PUMA stores from 14 April 2022. 

LOCAL ISD: Mens: 14 April 2022; Women’s: 11 May 2022Retail Price: R4,799