1. How is the Spar Proteas netball team dealing with changes in coaching and player retirements? We are an adaptable group and are dealing with the changes by keeping our objectives in mind.
  • Tell us about new coach Jenny van Dyk? Coach Jenny is brilliant, and it is a privilege to play under her and gain experience alongside her.
  • Is securing a spot in the team to play in the series against Jamaica in January 2025 one of your main goals? Yes. Representing your country at an elite level is an honour. Securing a spot in the team would mean I am stepping in the right direction in my netball career.
  • Other goals for 2024? To better my individual performances and be at my best competitive level on court. Also to use my platform to inspire many in our country.
  • Do you have plans to play for clubs overseas? Definitely. When the opportunity knocks, it would be one I wouldn’t want to miss.
  • Why have you not played for a club overseas yet – because of your studies at Free State University? Yes, but also because I have not been exposed to international competition that often. I still am in my building blocks as a national team player.
  • What attracted you to partner with PUMA? I love the fact that it offers me a variety of looks yet is still authentic in a modern and professional way.
  • You play in the PUMA Solarstrike Footwear, why do they suit you? The cushioning gives me comfort on court, and they are also lightweight which lets me move faster.
  • Do you have plans for when your playing days are over? I plan to set up an academy that focuses on developing players, like the system that groomed me into the player I am.
  1. Your team’s chances of winning the Telkom Netball League? Looking at the team, I am confident. But it is always 50/50, as it is the little things we do successfully on the court that will enable us to lift that trophy.
  1. The strengths of the team? Our attacking unit and defence are both strengths.
  1. What do you enjoy about the league? The level of competition and the amount of exposure for the players.

Last year you won best centre court player, do you have your eye on being named player of the tournament? As mentioned before, it is the little things one does on the court that lead to big moments. I will do my best and if God sees fit that I receive the player of the tournament award, I will have fulfilled my purpose.