Global sports company PUMA has made special edition race suits in the traditional Mariachi look for Red Bull Racing Honda Team drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. The eye-catching design pays homage to Sergio Perez home Grand Prix in Mexico this weekend. 

The inspiration for the race suits comes from the traditional outfits, Mexican Mariachi musicians wear during their performances. The special edition race gear features decorations on the side and around the chest pocket, reminiscent of the remarkable look which has been typical of Mariachi bands since the 18th century. A typical red tie and ribbon around the hips complete Max and “Checo’s” race attire design.

The race suit comes in Night Sky Blue, with decorations and logos popping out in white.

Watch out for the Red Bull Racing Honda Team race drivers carving a fashionable statement – in their Mariachi Special Edition race suits – on the tarmac of Mexico city.