Cape Town, South Africa; March 24, 202– PUMA continues to disrupt, with season two of Luxe Sport, a collection that redefines the codes of couture.

For years, PUMA has been dissolving the barriers between performance and fashion. Now, the second season of Luxe sport embraces the possibilities of body movements and human gestures, via reimagined forms, shapes, and figures that are designed to amplify the voice of our own body language.

PUMA’s T7 tracksuit is an inspirational pillar for the collection, which features a range of reworked silhouettes that play with sharper silhouettes, exaggerated shapes, and experimental tailoring.

Highlights include the T7 Gilet and T7 Pleated Pants, as well as the T7 Robe Coat and T7 Knitted Top. Focal accessories are included in the form of a Bucket Hat and Boxy Waist Bag, while the PUMA’s new Y2K-inspired lifestyle sneaker, the Velophasis is featured in two bold color schemes. Allowing tailoring and cuts to come to the forefront, the range is punctuated by muted tones throughout, including greys, blacks, and beiges.

PUMA’s boundary-shattering Luxe Sport collection is available from, PUMA retail stores, and Al Capone.