August 2021 – G-Star RAW has released the third season of its pinnacle collection: Exclusives by G-Star RAW – a combination of radical designs inspired by early-twentieth century flight-suits and army garments, and G-Star RAW denim classics.

Designed with limitless creativity to exceed standards, Exclusives by G-Star RAW brings reinvention and innovation to every stitch, seam and rivet. Timeless icons for men and women, spliced with the unique DNA of the G-Star RAW brand.

The collection boasts an impressive range of bold and complex garments, featuring multiple layered shells and functions, as G-Star’s signature utility aesthetics are taken to the extreme. Every item has its own narrative. 

Expect boxy silhouettes and refined details with superior construction techniques, patched big square pockets and premium fabrics such as 100% chambray linen, strong recycled polyester canvas, Italian Selvedge and Japanese denim.

Collection highlights:

GSSR Officer Coat: oversized and created with Italian, high-tech textured fabric that is produced from 100% recycled polyester. Striking features include the massively high detachable collar, large belt, detachable inner patchwork jacket, raglan sleeves and chunky zippers on the side pockets. Retail: R13 499.

Sleeveless Jumpsuit: the fitted top and 3D engineered bottom with patched cargo pockets on the legs are inspired by M90 Swedish army pants. Other features include adjustable, reinforced cuffs, contrasting zippers, paratrooper inspired A-line tape on the back and laser cut army labels. Retail: R5 999.

GSSR Combat Shirt: made from premium Japanese denim with a refined flannel lining, this shirt is warm enough to wear outside in winter. With a regular fit, it features hidden snap front closure, laser-printed fabric stats and a high, wide collar with detail inspired by a 90’s NATO, cold-weather aircrew suit. Retail: R5 999.

3D Pilotte Cuffed: inspired by US Air Force cold weather flight pants, these jeans have a relaxed tapered fit and feature laser printed fabric stats and a long front Vislon zipper. These jeans are made from premium raw Japanese Wakoucha denim mixed with strong 100% recycled polyester fabric. Retail: R5 999. 

Other styles in the collection:

Men’s styles: Luggage Parka (R16 999), NPP Denim Trench Coat (R7 999), 2-in-1 Combat (R13 499), Flight Long (R13 499), Multi Pocket Field (R5 999) and Aviator (R7 999) Jackets, 2-in-1 Luggage (R9 999) and Combat Cargo Pants, Western Shirt (R3 999), Cropped Lined Shirt (R5 299), Overshirt (R11 999), Pencil Case Overshirt (R4 999) and Hooded Overshirt (R4 999), Zip Through Hoodie (R3 999), 3D Pilotte Jeans (R5 999) and Grip 3D Relaxed Tapered Jeans (R3 999).

Women’s styles: RAF Jacket (R6 999), Whistler Parka (R5 999) 2-in-1 (R7 999) and Pilotte (R5 999) Cargo Pants, Pilotte 3D Boyfriend (R5 999), C-Staq Boyfriend  (R2 899) and NPP Boyfriend (R5 999) Jeans, NPP Nylon Pants (R2 499), Dress (R4 999) and Overall (R4 999), Harness Windbreaker (R7 999), 2-in-1 Trench (R11 999) and Officer (R13 499) Coat , Hooded Overshirt (R3 999) and Zip Through Hoodie (R4 999). 

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