Cape Town, South Africa, 28 June 2024 — Global sports brand PUMA has today unveiled both the ULTRA 5 ULTIMATE and the ULTRA 5 CARBON Formula Pack editions. Both versions of the ULTRA 5 will take to the pitch during the knockout stages of the European Championships and the Copa America as select players switch to the new ULTRA 5 on the biggest stages to gain the extra edge.

Buckle up because PUMA are pushing the ULTRA 5 into another gear giving you the speed and sensation of a finely tuned machine at your feet. Built on years of engineering insights from PUMA Motorsport, the brand-new SPEEDSYSTEM outsole and FastTrax stud design are precision-engineered to take you from kick-off to back-of-the-net faster than you can say: lights out.

The new ULTRA 5 ULTIMATE Formula edition kicks into high gear with PUMA’s SPEEDSYSTEM outsole, featuring a springy plate and an innovative stud setup for lightning-fast acceleration. Sprint, cut, and brake faster with FastTrax stud design for multidirectional traction and for ultimate stability the ULTRA 5 utilizes an all-new PWRTAPE SQD support frame to stabilize the foot inside of the boot without hindering agility and freedom of movement.

Speaking on the ULTRA 5 Dominique Gathier, Senior Director Product Line Manager Teamsport Footwear said: “Following the incredible success of the ULTRA 5 CARBON Launch Edition we have today unveiled two editions of the ULTRA 5 – the ULTIMATE and CARBON versions. Both utilize an all-new stud configuration that help you to explode and brake faster than ever because the modern game needs rapid speed over short and long distance, but also in all directions. The FastTrax stud integrates key design insights from academic research and traction studies to provide more traction while accelerating, cutting and breaking.”

Dominque continued: “The new SPEEDSYSTEM is PUMA’s proprietary outsole design that combines a high-performance fiber base material with an external heel counter and a revolutionary stud system to maximize energy return for faster acceleration. The three studs on the heel improve braking, this is because there is a higher traction when rear studs are closer to the centerline.”

Romain Girard, Senior Director Innovation delved into the full carbon outsole and what this means for the new ULTRA 5: “The major difference you will see across both editions is the CARBON version features a full carbon plate making it the fastest version of our fastest boots. The SPEEDSYSTEM outsole on ULTRA 5 CARBON is made of full carbon fiber, making it 32% springier than the non-carbon version allowing you to change direction in an instant and explode in any direction before the defender can react for an unmatched speed machine.

“PUMA has a history of utilizing carbon in our football boots, but for the new ULTRA 5 we have evolved the way we use the material and implemented it in a new way. Taking inspiration from our collaborations in motorsport, carbon is one of the most explosive and lightweight materials, used in many of the fastest cars in the world due to its incredible lightweight, speed properties. What is unique about our application is we have changed the weave pattern and direction of the fibers to create a unique application of the material that provides an even faster soleplate.”

PUMA continues to offer its Women’s Fit with a slimmer fit tailored to the anatomy of a woman’s foot, the ULTRA 5 is designed to enhance comfort and performance for female athletes, built different to support the women who make a difference on the pitch. The ULTRA 5 Women’s Fit combines the latest ULTRA tech, such as SPEEDSYSTEM outsole and FastTrax stud design, with a bespoke fit designed specifically for a woman’s foot. The ULTRA 5 ULTIMATE will be available from 18 July at, PUMA retail stores and Totalsports. Price R4499.