Thierry Henry (@thierryhenry) hosted part 4 of ‘Football Real Talk with Henry’ on Instagram LIVE featuring Cesc Fàbregas (@cescf4bregas) and James Maddison (@madders) on Thursday 14 May 2020.

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In the first part of ‘Football Real Talk with Henry’, Henry and Fàbregas gave insight into their playing years together and what it was like breaking into the ‘invincible team’,  favourite players growing up, his dream five-a-side team and how football intelligence played such a big part in Spain’s triumph in 2012 playing with 6 midfielders.

In the second part of ‘Football Real Talk with Henry’, Leicester City star and England International Maddison identified the player who inspired him, how Brendan Rogers is helping adapt his game, what it meant to him to pull on the England shirt and what his ambitions.

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Please find below a selection of quotes taken from the LIVE:

Thierry Henry and Cesc Fàbregas:

TH: “Your brain is up there with the best, you seem like you always have time on the ball.”

CF: “When you’re not quick or strong you have to think quicker. I had to play quick, smart and decisive.”

TH: “I know you’re an Arsenal man, I always remember you in a red shirt. It’s difficult because you played for Chelsea and won the Premier League with them.”

CF: “I was always happy and lucky to come through at Arsenal and to play with you. Arsene Wenger let the players play their football and let players play with their instincts. I will always be an Arsenal man in my heart. The connection with the fans was incredible.”

TH: “Who was your favourite player growing up?”

CF: “Pep Guardiola and Luís Figo. I loved players like Romário and Michael Laudrup too.”

TH: “If you could choose a five-a-side team who would be in your team?”

CF: “Iker Casillas in goal – he had so many key moments in his career. I will always put you Thierry in my team. Lionel Messi, David Silva and Andres Iniesta.”

CF: “I have a special understanding and feeling with David Silva. Growing up, winning trophies together – he makes everyone gel, I have enjoyed playing with him.”

CF: “I see a lot of physicality in football now. I’m not sad, but I feel like we are losing a bit of what I experienced in my career.”

CF: “In 2012, when we won the Euros for the second time, we were playing with 6 midfielders and no striker. That’s why intelligence was so important. We won the final 4-0 against Italy. This was something else.”

Thierry Henry and James Maddison:

TH: “Who inspired you as a player?”

JM: “David Silva! He is a player like myself who was small. I was a bit weak and late in my development. I watched Silva and he was a beautiful player just the way he caresses the ball, I am a massive fan. In my first season in the Premier League I asked the kit man to ask for his shirt.”

TH: “How are you liking it in Leicester. I love how Rogers sets up to play.”

JM: “I love playing for the manager, he sets his team out the way I love to play. He has me pressing more. People would say defensively I was weak but he has changed me into more of a number 8.”

TH: “You got a call up for your country how was that?”

JM: “I was in four squads but didn’t get game time. For the game I got my cap I was on the bench then came on for 30/35 minutes,  when I got on the pitch I thought this is the moment I’ve been working for and can show people what I am about. I got my debut shirt which everyone signed which I am so proud of.”

TH: “I remember on my debut I was rubbish, I wanted to do everything but it didn’t work. I was like make sure you don’t lose the ball, so I wasn’t in the mindset that made me go to the national team. I got the ball and I was giving it back, I didn’t lose the ball but I didn’t do anything.”

JM: “My Premier League debut was against United on Friday night football and I thought I have arrived now, but the first 5 mins it was so quick. I thought if I take half a second longer I’m getting tackled. Now I go into a game thinking I can affect the game.”

TH: “What is your biggest goal for your career?”

JM: “I have a trophy cabinet but there’s no trophies in it. I want trophies. We got to the semi-final of the Carabao Cup and the feeling after the game was a feeling I had never had before being so close to a final at Wembley. That heartbreak of losing out in the latter stages of the tournament makes you want to win trophies.”