Sports company PUMA has today launched the GAME. ON. edition of the uncatchable ULTRA 1.2 football boot. Take the ball and take over the game. Every training session, every game, every minute is an opportunity to turn it on. Game. On. is a mindset that pushes you to elevate your game, take on all comers and forge a path to greatness. 

The latest evolution of the UTLRA features an ultra-lightweight MATRYXEVO upper providing superior stability, durability and traction for explosive forward motion speed and acceleration. The feeling of velocity is built into the explosive design by combining the fully engineered MATRYXEVO upper with an instinctive Peba SpeedUnit outsole, creating the ultimate weapon of speed to be worn by some of the world’s best attacking players: Antoine Griezmann, Sergio Agüero and Eugénie Le Sommer.

The lightweight Peba SpeedUnit outsole features a split sole design inspired by PUMA’s track running heritage. The soleplate combines subtle spikes in the forefront and V-shaped studs configured for lightning speed and acceleration. A thin GripControl Pro skin is applied in key areas to provide complete control on the ball at uncatchable speeds.

The ULTRA 1.2 in PUMA black, white, red blast and yellow-alert is part of the GAME.ON. pack that includes the groundbreaking new FUTURE Z 1.1 and will be available from 4 February at, PUMA stores and select retailers for R3599.