Global sports company PUMA is delivering pure F1 feeling with the premiere of Alex Albon’s Speedcat Pro race boot, a limited edition Aston Martin Red Bull Racing shoe featuring the same fabrics and functionalities the young Thai is wearing on his quest for more podiums. 

Since committing itself to the sport in line with the brand’s ethos, FOREVER FASTER, PUMA has lived and breathed Motorsport and the result is the design and execution of the best motorsport performance and lifestyle products worldwide. PUMA became the outfitter of the Milton Keynes-based Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Formula One team in 2016 and has since driven innovation and technology of race gear, supplying race boots, driver suits, balaclavas, underwear and more to support the team and ensure optimum safety as it competes at the highest level and rises to the top step. 

For Aston Martin Red Bull Racing driver Alex Albon the Speedcat Pro race boot is his daily companion when pushing his Formula One car to the limit: “The Speedcat Pro feels more like a sock than a race boot and it’s really comfortable. Some boots can be very tough and restrictive but the PUMA Speedcat Pro is free on the foot and rigid enough for you to hit the brake pedal hard and keep that feeling in the sole of your foot.” 

Albon´s speed addicted kicks feature state of the art materials for racing. As with all race gear, the shoes are made of lightweight fabrics that embrace comfort and ensure protection against fire. Additional weight reduction comes in the form of heel support made of real carbon fiber counter. The low-profile rubber outsole and the EVA wedge provides 100% control of the pedals with the right amount of comfort while keeping the shoe light and nimble.

“These shoes are so light it is like having paper on your feet but with the required safety and comfort needed to be able to perform,” adds Albon. 

Safety is always top priority. Consequently the Speedcat Pro was built in compliance with the latest FIA Homologation Regulations for Safety Equipment (FIA Standard 8856-2018) for the best protection in racing.

Dropping on Thursday, 29 October, the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Speedcat Pro of Alex Albon is only available from in a super limited 23 pairs, referring to Albon’s driver number.